The Best White Wines For Your Next Picnic

Best White Wine
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Oh, picnic weather… I will miss you. Now that the picnic season is sadly and slowly coming to an end, I am not ready to let go of my summer vibes just yet. That’s why today I thought it would be fun to look back at a few good memories made this summer and do a quick recap of my favourites and pick the best white wines for your next picnic.


Let me start this by saying that I am not usually a huge fan of white wines. Most of the time, I find them to be quite dry, muted in flavour and bland, lacking complexity and structure


This is one of the reasons why once in a while, I find a really nice looking bottle of white wine on the shelves and decide to give it a try, hoping to change my mind about white wine forever.


Sometimes I end up disappointed with my purchase but there are a few wines out there that hit the mark for me.


3. Buttery Chardonnay by Barefoot


Origin: California 

Alcohol: 13.5%


By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed I am a huge fan of Californian wine. I just cannot help but imagining myself somewhere on the californian coast enjoying those beautiful sunsets and palm trees. I suppose for now, gloomy view from my UK window will do.


To be honest, I purchased this wine because its from California and it’s got a really interesting name which intrigued me.


By the name of this wine, you may also wonder, what makes it buttery and how is it different from a regular Chardonnay?


Well, according to experts, Chardonnay goes through a whole process to gain the “buttery” adjective and its not just a name that makes it sound more appealing.

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This wine has really nothing to do with butter per se, but more with the smoothness and softness that is developed by running it through the fermentation process.

During this stage, the acidity and harshness of regular Chardonnay is converted into a more enjoyable, less sharp drink with a smooth, buttery texture. Intrigued yet?

Aromas and Tasting Notes
I found this wine to be quite unique in flavour and texture. Taking the first sip, you can tell there is a smoothness and creaminess unlike any other type of wine. This is quite a common trait of Buttery Chardonnay.
The difference between Barefoot and other brands that manufacture this type of wine is that Barefoot not only uses 96% Chardonnay grapes but it also blends Verdelho grapes which add citrusy and spicy notes.

The flavour profile of this wine is built on a variety of aromas such as tangy pineapple, baked apples and peaches.
There is also a complexity added to this wine by the toasty oak flavours, accentuated by sweet undertones of honey and vanilla.
Overall, this is wine has a dry finish without being overpowering. It balances the right amount of dry, creamy and smooth and makes the perfect refreshing drink for any occasion.
Food Pairings

We enjoyed this wine as part of a seafood feast. Judging by its creamy flavour, it would also go incredibly well with creamy cheeses as part of a cheeseboard main or other light creamy dishes such as mac & cheese or creamy chicken. 


No matter how you choose to enjoy it, we promise you won’t regret giving this wine a try!


Where To Find It

You can find this wine fairly easily in most local supermarkets. If you would like to support our content, consider using our Amazon link below to buy it online.



2. Fetească Regală by Curious Parallel


Origin: Romania
Alcohol: 11.5%


Fetească Regală is by far one of my favourite white wines out there.


This wine is part of the semi-sweet variety of white wines. It is made with 100% Fetească Regală grapes which has its origins in the plains of Transylvania. 


This variety became so popular since it was first discovered and it is now cultivated countrywide and is one of the most appreciated wines of Romania.


An interesting fact about this grape variety is that it’s name directly translates to “Royal Maiden” indicating the grapes elegance and finesse. I believe this name is suited perfectly for this delicate and well-balanced white wine.


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Aromas And Tasting Notes
The base aromas of this wine are rose, which gives it a delicate floral note, dried apricot, which compliments this wine perfectly by adding sweetness and last but not least, almond, which adds a touch of elegance and binds the flavour profile together perfectly.
The undertones of this wine include notes of peach and honeysuckle, with hints of tropical fruits. This wine is guaranteed to add a classic European flair to your palate as soon as you dive in.
Food Pairings

To match its royal attributes, you can serve this white wine with coronation chicken or spicy dishes. 


You can also try pairing it with a delicate white fish cooked in a buttery sauce and served with potatoes topped with fresh herbs. 


Other flavours that would capture this wine’s magical essence are Italian herbs and spices. Try it with a mushroom risotto or a lemony and creamy pasta and as my dad would say “it is a rainbow in your mouth”.


This wine is best described as a fruity and refreshing white. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy it, it is a perfect addition to your next brunch or dinner!


Where To Find It

This one is a little trickier to find, but we have managed to get our hands on it via Virgin Wines and affiliated partners.



1. Mâcon Villages by Louis Jadot


Origin: France

Alcohol: 13%


We picked up this wine after a very long trip back to England from our holiday earlier this month. It was a bit on the pricier side for a Chardonnay but the packaging looked really appealing to us so we decided to give it a try – and let me tell you, that was the best decision we’ve made that day!


Not knowing this at the time of purchase, Louis Jadot is a very well-known and established winemaker, popular due to its exemplary French Burgundy wines. They are one of the most trusted wine manufacturers in the Côte d’Or region of Burgundy.


This wine is made using 100% Chardonnay grapes. The characteristic that makes this wine stand out of the crowd is that in contrast with other Chardonnay wines, Mâcon Villages has been aged for 3 years in stainless steel tanks, in order to capture a perfect balance between fresh, floral and fruity.


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Aromas And Tasting Notes

Mâcon Villages is an extremely light and delicate wine, with a smooth and creamy texture. The primary notes of this wine are citrus, pear and crisp green apple. 

Its velvety aftertaste lingers into hints of sweet melon and summer citrus fruit which intertwined offer both sweet and refreshing notes into a perfectly balanced white wine. 


The colour is golden and light, reminiscent of a summery sunrise. The aromas include strong floral notes.

Food Pairings

We recommend serving this wine chilled to bring out all of its best characteristics. 


This wine is so good I could recommend enjoying it by itself on a lazy afternoon. But if you do want to include it as part of a meal, try lean meats such as shellfish or chicken. This wine also pairs well with herby and creamy flavours. 


The best serving suggestion for this wine is as an aperitif or as part of a charcuterie board. A definite favourite for me!

Where To Find It

This one is much easier to find than some of the other wines we have reviewed. Tesco is one of the most popular outlets that carries this one. 


Once again if you are looking to purchase online, we encourage you to use our Amazon link below to support our content.


Final Thoughts

With the Summer season drawing to a close, there might be time for just one or two more sunny outings.


We are delighted to share these three excellent white wines with you and hope that this list is helpful in picking the best white wine for your next picnic!


If white wines are not your thing – have a look at some of our Rosé Recommendations that we covered previously.



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