Sip The Summer Bliss: Top Rosés To Love This Season

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Summer is finally here! We’re so excited to write the first post on our blog talking about some of our favourite wines we’ve tried and loved so far this season, and provide you with our top rosés.


Oh, summer! A time of pure bliss and warmth… For me, this is the season of joy, filled with carefree laughter, unforgettable moments with family and friends, delightful picnics or long days at the beach.


I cherish the lazy afternoons spent daydreaming of faraway tropical landscapes. And as the sun sets, the magic continues with nights under the starry skies and the soothing chorus of crickets.



No matter which moment of the day you treasure most during summer, there’s no denying its magical essence. And what better way to celebrate this enchanting season than with a delightful bottle of rosé shared among your favourite people?


This is for certain my favourite way to enjoy a hot summer’s day. Orrr… if you’re in Britain like us, a cool summer’s day. 


In this article, we’ve covered three of our favourite wines that we hope you will enjoy as much as we did! Let us dive right in:


3. Pink Moscato Rosé by Barefoot


Origin: California 

Alcohol: 9%


A wine that will immediately take you to the sunny and dreamy California in thought. With raspberry and pomegranate notes, this wine is light and fruity. If you enjoy a sweet wine for a hot summer’s day, a brunch or a girls night out, this wine is definitely for you!


It’s with no surprise that this wine was created by an award-winning winemaker in one of the many Californian wine regions. It is also one of the most popular wine brands commonly found in most supermarkets, and at a very affordable price. 

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Aromas and Tasting Notes
Immediately after opening the bottle, you will be hit with a unique and welcoming scent of summer. Picture fields of lavender on a summer afternoon accompanied by a cool citrus breeze.
Moscato wine is generally a sweeter version of white wine but not sweet enough to be classified as a dessert wine. Unlike both of the above, this wine is light and refreshing, with subtle and fruity undertones. This wine will delight your taste buds. 

The main tasting notes of this wine are ripe and vibrant red fruit, mandarin and sweet jasmine, all mixed with an array of subtle undertones such as cherry, raspberry and pomegranate. What more could you ask for? It’s basically a light dessert in a fancy glass.
Food Pairings

I personally love this rosé because it’s one of the sweeter variations out there while also being light and refreshing. It works amazingly well with desserts, with spicy food and especially with very creamy cheeses such as brie, camembert or a Danish blue cheese.


To elevate your tasting experience with an interesting twist, add some blueberries, strawberries and ice for a more fruity drink and enjoy it at your next reunion with family or friends this summer.


2. Rosea Brut by La Gioiosa 


Origin: Italy
Alcohol: 11%


Looking for something to enjoy during a special occasion this summer? La Gioiosa is definitely one of our go to brands for fizz wines for whenever we celebrate a special occasion.


Hailing from Northern Italy, this bold blend features a Pinot Noir blended with a classic Pinot Blanc. This makes it an interesting, yet perfectly balanced sparkling wine to enjoy at variety of different events. 


We personally enjoyed this during a long-awaited picnic date. It was so good that we decided to purchase another bottle from Waitrose Cellar to save it for a birthday occasion.


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Aromas and Tasting Notes
Unlike it’s red wine counterpart, Pinot Noir actually works surprisingly well mixed in a pink sparkling variety as it is better known for being used in red wines typically, which for us makes this wine all the more unique and interesting.

The aromas are made more obvious with the fizz, bringing forward strong hints of apple, shrouded with a floral swirl of bubbly joy.
If you also find certain dry sparkling wines challenging on the pallet, this wine will be a refreshing change of scenery for you. The grapes used here are very low in acidity, making it much easier to enjoy than similar ones we have tried.

You can taste a faint almond undertone, evolving to a mix of golden apples and pops of citrus. Quite a complex profile indeed! 
Food Pairings

Where do we begin? This one pairs well with most dishes as long as they are not too heavy. We found it especially flavourful when combined with ceviche, garlic butter scallops or steak tartare.


If you prefer a more snackable option, go for appetizers like prosciutto brie and honey crostini, kalamata olives or a medley of cured meats.


1. Les Arbousiers Coteaux du Languedoc Cinsault Grenache 2021


 Origin: France

Alcohol: 13.5%


And for our top favourite for this list: a vintage rosé from the heart of France. I fell in love with this one from the first sip. It is perfectly balanced, not too sweet and not too dry, and extremely refreshing.


This wine is the perfect companion for summery dishes such as salads or to enjoy during a barbecue, which is exactly what we did.


We discovered this award-winning wine through one of our favourite online wine retailers, Virgin Wines, through their ‘Discovery Club’ program. But you can also find it through other retailers such as Vivino.


Les_Abousiers_Rosé Recommendations
 Aromas and Tasting Notes
The grapes used in this fine rosé includes Cinsault, a smaller grape variety commonly found in African winelands, you may be familiar with the more well-known Pinotage variety, as well as Grenache, a widely popular French variety.

The marriage of these two delicate profiles creates an explosion of fresh raspberries, cranberries and cherries enveloped by floral undertones and a hint of citrus.
The initial sip is refreshing with a slight dryness followed by a fruity aftertaste which really emphasises the red fruit notes. While this may be slightly more dry than your average sweet rosé it counters the sweetness of the Grenache beautifully by introducing a slight tartness that is quite unique and difficult to place.

Overall the taste is complex, yet refreshing and absolutely perfect for a hot summer’s day.
Food Pairings

The freshness of this very special wine complements a wide variety of dishes, although we would recommend fresh summery dishes like salads, light barbecues, soft cheeses and fresh fruit. 


The acidity of the wine pairs beautifully with sweet foods as well, I personally enjoyed it with some crispy bacon and brie. We recommend chilling before serving, but do not serve with ice as it will mute the flavour.



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