Our journey began

5,000 miles apart

our story

Every celebration needs good wine

We are a couple based in Kent, England, whose journey began over seven years ago in far-away locations separated by two continents. We met by chance through a series of highly unlikely events that changed our lives forever. Since we could only see each other twice a year, those rare moments together became incredibly special. As you can imagine, celebration and connection in those moments were at the top of our priority list.

Family tradition

Both our home countries happened to be deeply rooted in the tradition of winemaking and the appreciation of great wines.

As part of Deni’s family tradition, every October was a customary winemaking season. "As part of my childhood, I spent most of my summers at my great-grandparents’ vineyard where I would help harvest grapes. Later when they passed away, my father continued the tradition of winemaking and started his own independent production using local varieties of grapes. Every year I helped my family choose from the different varieties by tasting grapes from the local markets. Throughout October, the whole family would participate in sorting, cleaning, and pressing the grapes. My father was kind enough to lend his experience and learnings as part of our blog, so you might see him featured in some of our reviews as our resident wine expert."

On the other hand, Ryan grew up living in the heart of his home country’s most prominent winemaking region. "Wine farms were always a significant part of my childhood, given where I lived. Many of the local schools and sports teams took inspiration from nearby vineyards and featured grape-themed logos and names of local farms, reflecting our heritage. Wine was a huge part of my hometown, everywhere you’d go you could always feel a strong sense of pride in the wines produced locally. Even as a child, I could appreciate the artistry and patriotism of wine without yet knowing its taste. Later on, as a young adult, I began exploring and enjoying wine socially and with family, appreciating it from a different perspective."

Wine Has Always Brought Us Together

With our shared heritage, wine became a form of expression for us, bringing us together and marking special occasions. Each time visiting each other, our travels would bring us to new vineyards and allow us to explore and discover a variety of different wines from our local communities and beyond. From supermarket bargains to exclusive rare vintages from local farms, we have tried them all.

As we continued to explore, our passion for wine and discovering new flavours grew stronger and brought us to where we are now. Having left our home countries, we moved to England shortly after the pandemic, and our possibilities expanded. Our quest for discovery continued as we started to explore and keep track of new varieties and different nationalities of wines we had not considered before.

Over the years, wine has evolved from a symbol of celebration to a shared passion that accompanies us through the different stages of our lives. This blog is our way of sharing our love for wine with others, and we invite you, the reader, to join us on this journey of discovering new favourites.

Have some more wine, Ryan...

our dear friend, Rodney