La Penombre Delivers a Beautiful and Elegant French Red

Image by Paul Wurf

One of our favourite things to do at the end of a long week is to crack open a bottle of French red wine and relax in each other’s company. 


It is sometimes difficult to find a wine that ticks all the right boxes and works in so many different settings, but we may have found quite possibly one of the most elegant and well-balanced of its kind.


We enjoyed this wine so much that we just had to tell more people about it…

Alcohol : 14.5%
French red
Image source: Virgin Wines

Meet, La Penombre Reserve Lesquerde. This beauty from the rolling hills of Roussilon, a beautiful village in the South of France, is an icon of fine French winemaking.


Balancing a delicate mix of Grenache and Garnacha, this full-bodied blend is packed with intense fruity flavours, deep red colours and lively aromas.


At the time of writing, this wine had already matured for 4 years as we enjoyed the 2019 vintage. We found this via one of our favourite wine merchants, Virgin Wines, through their ‘discovery club’ which we are pretty fond of.

Colours and Aroma

The colour of this wine is deep red with hints of purple, reminiscent of other classic syrahs of France.


On the nose, there are rich and intense notes of ripe berries and an inquisitive earthy undertone that transports you instantly to a serene countryside with backdrops of Autumn sunsets.


Tasting Notes

On the initial taste, there is a bold fruitiness that is both sweet and full-bodied, a rare combination for bodied wines that usually, tend to be more on the dry side.


The winemaker has captured a balance that complements each grape variety in the blend while emphasising a strong mineral and earthy flavour that ties the whole experience together without being overbearing.


Although fruity, this is by no means a light wine, there are strong notes of full-bodied texture, yet with smooth tannins thanks to the grenache variety.


The initial tones lean toward ripe plums and cherries with a sweet twist, while the after-taste tends to be slightly dry with an elegance that lingers.


This makes the wine both delicious and easy to drink even by itself, although we did find that pairing with sweet snacks and red meats brought out some of the fresh and more subtle undertones.


Final Thoughts

We advise letting this one breathe for a couple of minutes and enjoy it just below room temperature as this will bring out the subtle complexities this wine has to offer.


As this is not a young wine, we do not recommend leaving it to breathe for too long as this might make this wine oxidise. 


Overall, this wine is easily a 9 out of 10, perfect for both summer nights and winter occasions. Enjoy it with a juicy steak or with cold meats such as carpaccio.


As for the winter months, pairing it with a hearty roast and potatoes with sweet gravy would really make this wine sing.


Where To Find It

This is not a very common find in the UK but if you can get your hands on it, definitely give it a try – you will not regret it.


As we found it on Virgin Wines, we would recommend buying it there for the best price but you could also have a look on other wine merchants’ sites such as Vivino, as you might find it there for a limited time.