A Delightful Summer Evening Rosé with The Big Top White Zinfandel

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So, picture this: a beautiful evening in the UK and a few precious days of good weather left. What’s the perfect way to savour it? A bottle of evening rosé, of course!


We’d been looking forward to closing our laptops for the day and enjoying a relaxing evening outside since morning, and that’s exactly how yesterday unfolded. And let me tell you, this wine was something else—so incredible that I couldn’t resist jotting down my thoughts right away.


Now, I’m not someone who easily falls head over heels for just any wine. It takes a lot to impress me. A lot of the wines I try taste great but they lack the complexity and undertones that distinguish them from other wines. But guess what?


This one made the cut and earned its spot on my shortlist of all-time favourites. Intrigued? Well, buckle up as I take you on a journey into the world of a wine that stole my heart from the very first sip. Let me warn you though, if sweet wines aren’t for you, you better skip this article.


As I opened the bottle and let the aroma swirl into the air, a wave of anticipation mixed with the evening breeze – it was like capturing the essence of those fleeting moments. This got me thinking about how we experience wine in our lives, beyond just the taste – it’s the stories and feelings that become a part of us.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we dive into the deep stuff, let’s step back a bit and discover how this amazing bottle of wine was made…


Name: Big Top WhitZinfandel 2021

Origin: California

Alcohol: 10%


The Big Top White Zinfandel originates from the heart of sunny California, particularly the Lodi region. Its Golden State origin is why this rosé carries such a cosy and warm feel. 


It’s created using 100% Zinfandel grapes, which are known for bringing out a bit of sweetness in wines.


This wine has even snagged some awards, and it’s a real favourite in the UK. Probably because it packs less of a punch in terms of alcohol, and it’s just one of those wines that are incredibly easy to enjoy – you know, the kind that slips down effortlessly.

Colours and Aroma

The colour of this wine is a darker pink, with shades that evoke delicate sunset hues. It is slightly darker in colour than other rosés and it resembles a freshly squeezed glass of raspberry lemonade.


The initial scent of this rosé is a subtle strawberry ice cream, which slowly develops a sweeter aroma the more you smell it.


Tasting Notes

This wine is a vintage from 2021, which means that all those rosé subtleties you taste in other wines shine through intensely in this one. This unique charm is also one of the reasons this wine is so special to me.


Right after taking the initial sip, you are hit with a luscious ripe raspberry flavour and a vanilla undertone, which adds an additional touch of complexity to the flavour. It tastes like a refreshing summer berry cocktail.


The mix of raspberry and vanilla creates a harmony that’s indulgent and revitalizing, making each sip an invitation to relish the season’s finest offerings.


One of the most striking aspects of this wine is its remarkable balance. It captures the sweetness of the fruit, infusing the palate with a natural sweetness that’s perfectly in tune with the bright and fruity character.


This wine has a great blend of elements – it is sweet, fruity, bright, has an off-dry finish and makes you crave more after each sip. In a nutshell, it’s a symphony of sensations that encapsulates the very essence of summer in a bottle.

Where To Find It

We purchased this wine from Virgin Wines but you can find it on numerous other sites too.


Final Thoughts

This wine is best enjoyed chilled, right out of the fridge as this will bring out all the complexities it has to offer. If you’re brave … add a splash of tequila, some lime and some ice and you’ve got a reinvented margarita you’ll never forget 😉


In terms of food matches, the Big Top White Zinfandel pairs well with fruity desserts such as fruit salads or summer fruit tarts. One thing to mention is to make sure your dessert is not sweeter than your wine because this will mute both flavours and make the wine taste sour afterwards. This rosé also works nicely with barbecued dishes, roast veggies or Indian food.


For me, this wine is 10 out of 10 my favourite summer evening wine and a definite addition to my all-time favourite wine list.